AUDIO: Rarara – Na Doguwa Dan Ado |

AUDIO: Rarara – Na Doguwa Dan Ado

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Rarara Ya saki wata sabuwar waƙar sa mai suna ”Na Doguwa Dan Ado ” wannan waƙa tayi daɗi sosai Kuma wakace ta Siyasa Mai bada Nishadi.


The latest hit song in the Hausa music industry is “Na Doguwa Dan Ado” by Arara Ya saki wata. This song has taken the industry by storm and has quickly become a fan favourite.

The song, which is a political satire, has gained a lot of attention due to its witty and clever lyrics. It talks about a politician named Doguwa Dan Ado who is known for his deceptive ways and corrupt practices. The song highlights the struggles of the common man who is often at the mercy of these corrupt politicians.

The artist behind the song, Arara Ya saki wata, is a well-known musician in the North of Nigeria. He is known for his unique style of music, which blends traditional Hausa music with modern beats. His music often tackles social and political issues, and “Na Doguwa Dan Ado” is no exception.

The song has been praised for its boldness and courage in addressing the issue of corruption in Nigerian politics. Many listeners have expressed their appreciation for the artist’s ability to use music to raise awareness about social and political issues.

However, the song has also stirred controversy, with some politicians and their supporters claiming that it is defamatory and disrespectful. Some have even gone as far as to call for the song to be banned.

Despite the controversy, “Na Doguwa Dan Ado” continues to be a hit among music lovers in the North of Nigeria. It has sparked important conversations about corruption and the role of music in addressing social and political issues.

In conclusion, Arara Ya saki wata’s “Na Doguwa Dan Ado” is a powerful song that highlights the struggles of the common man in Nigerian politics. Its bold and courageous lyrics have sparked important conversations about corruption and the role of music in addressing social and political issues. While it has faced controversy, it remains a fan favourite and a testament to the power of music in creating change.

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